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About the Deal Flow Database

Thank you for your interest in Promise Partners and being a Connector for our members.

Our organization has been supporting the entrepreneurial community in Northeast Ohio for nearly 30 years. Our primary focus is helping individuals acquire businesses. Members of our organization have acquired over 79 companies through their involvement with Promise.

The organization has compiled a small list of influential connections that we feel are instrumental in the local deal making space. We feel you are one of these individuals and believe you may benefit from an initiative we are working on. This year we are creating a unique password protected portion of our website that will allow connectors like yourself to have access to our members that are currently searching for a business. You will be able to see their backgrounds, search criteria, and contact information. You will also be able to post opportunities or company listings you may have on our site. We feel this will be a great tool to facilitate connectors like yourself with qualified entrepreneurs searching for businesses.

If you are interested in creating a profile and posting any opportunities for our members, please become a Connector.

Thanks for all your work in the local entrepreneurial community and hope you can take part in this initiative!

"Achieving one's promise is the gift of a lifetime, endowing the human experience with nobility."
-Richard Osborne

Promise Partners Inc is a 501(c)(6) organization

Promise Partners Inc 

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